Using Scarsdale Community Baptist Church


Parking Facilities:

Our church parking lot is exclusively reserved for those attending worship services and other church functions.

With prior arrangements and authorization, the church and parking lot are available for event booking.

The church has designated a limited amount of numbered spaces to be rented by neighbors and/or local businesses on a fee basis.

We monitor the parking lot closely and will boot unauthorized and unidentified vehicles.

Please inquire at the church office 914-723-1734 to discuss whether SCBC facilities might be suitable and available for your needs.


Weddings are a glorious occasion to celebrate. Please inquire at the church office (914-723-1734) to discuss whether SCBC facilities might be suitable and available to your needs. Fees are varied based on spaces used, length of time of use, and other factors. The office will also be able to advise whether parking in the church lot is available for your event.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Christian faith directs us to a hope for a life in the presence of God that extends beyond what we experience now. Nevertheless, death is a jarring and disorienting experience for those who remain. Traditionally, Christians have gathered for worship following a death. This experience is a reflection of trust in God, a moment of commendation of the deceased person’s soul into God’s hands, and is a very important time of reflection, remembrance and solace for those who remain. Providing pastoral care as the grief process begins, helping to plan and arrange services and providing a place for funeral and memorial services is an important ministry of SCBC.

In recent years the distinction between funerals and  memorial services has become somewhat blurred. Broadly speaking, a funeral service is scheduled to take place soon after death, and usually the casket or cremated remains of the deceased is present in the church for the service. The immediacy of the recent death is very much the focus of a funeral service, and both the commendation of the departed’s soul into God’s hands and the consolation of those present is the uppermost theme. This service is usually followed immediately by a brief graveside service at the place of interment, or the immurement in a columbarium, whether at SCBC or elsewhere.

A memorial service often takes place sometime later and usually is conducted without the presence of the casket or cremated remains. A memorial service is often preceded at an earlier time by a brief graveside or immurement service.The focus of the memorial service is similar regarding the commendation of the soul of the deceased into God’s hands, but it often also includes a significant focus on the life, achievements, service, interests and personality of the person being memorialized.  Memorial services have gained in preference in recent years because of the difficulty many families experience in gathering members from long distances and because interment or immurement may take place in a location distant from the home or home church of the deceased, family or friends.

The church staff desires to be supportive and helpful to families and friends at such a difficult time. It is important that the church be contacted as soon as the preferred date, circumstances and style of service has been determined, or to provide guidance in making arrangements. If the deceased person has been part of the church life, the pastor will likely already have been involved during the time of final illness or accident. If not, he will desire contact with family and friends as soon as possible in order to receive and to provide guidance in planning the service and arranging for needs.

If the deceased will be immured in the Columbarium in SCBC, whether there will be a formal funeral or memorial service at the church or not, it is important to contact the church office to arrange for the selection of an immurement niche, or if one has previously been selected, to arrange for the time of immurement. If service and other arrangements are being handled by a funeral home or another church, they may be instructed to contact SCBC at 914-723-1734.

There are no sanctuary or chapel fees for church members (and their families),  or active, contributing participants.  A schedule of chapel, sanctuary or interment/immurement fees for those not presently affiliated with SCBC is available on request from the church office, and will depend on size, date and circumstances of the service. Fees for musicians, or certain other unusual needs will be discussed while planning the service. The Church’s Fellowship Hall is normally available on request for the gathering of family and friends preceding or following the planned service.

Facility Rental

The Scarsdale Community Baptist Church is available for use by other organizations for social, meeting and program purposes, whether on a one-time basis or an ongoing schedule.  The church gives priority to its own programs and related purposes, but otherwise welcomes groups able to be accommodated.

The Fellowship Hall:  This Lower Level facility accommodates up to 200 in standing groups or with tight seating at tables. A stage is available. Depending on the nature of the activity, the hall may also be used for some physical exercise activities for children and adults.

The Kitchen:  The kitchen is well equipped and functional either for preparation of meals or for warm-up and serving. Originally designed primarily for serving church suppers, the kitchen was remodeled in 2007-2008.

Meeting Rooms:  One Lower Level and one Upper Level meeting room are available. These are suitable for small group meetings or conferences not exceeding 22 people.


The Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall of the Scarsdale Community Baptist Church are available for family celebrations and wedding anniversaries, group receptions or other gatherings.

The Kitchen is well equipped and was renovated in 2007-2008.

Fellowship Hall seats up to 200 persons, though a smaller number is preferable for any gathering requiring activities or movement.

Food Service: At present the church is not able to provide food or beverage service. However, the church office will help you locate a suitable caterer in several price categories, and will cooperate with them in gaining access to the kitchen and other church facilities.

How to Schedule: Please consult with the church office regarding availability and costs.  Please contact the pastor if you are planning an anniversary or celebration that will include a worship service.